What is Nystagmus?

Nystagmus is complex condition where the eyes move involuntary in a small, repeated back and forth motion. This makes it harder to see clearly.

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What is the American Nystagmus Network?

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I live not to cover up my flaws, but to express myself, to stand out, to make a difference.

2017-2018 Scholarship Program

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 academic year scholarship! Visit the scholarship page for all the details. Application deadline is May 31st.

Board of Directors Face-to-Face Meeting

Your board is working. ANN’s Face to Face meeting was a success! Our focus was on our upcoming conference as well as planning for ANN’s future. Check out the video and hear president Jim Conley describe what the board has been doing. ANN 2017 Board of Directors meeting Posted by American Nystagmus Network on Saturday, […]

If there is anything I take pride in, it is my ability to overcome obstacles.

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